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Death The Chick cosplay 2 by UndeadCosplayer Death The Chick cosplay 2 :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 0 0 Death The Chick cosplay by UndeadCosplayer Death The Chick cosplay :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 1 3
Cleverbot and Prussia
User: Keseseses Hello!

Cleverbot: Prussia?
User: Yes! It is I, zhe most awesome Prussia!

Cleverbot: Did you become one with Russia?
User: No.

Cleverbot: I'll ask again. Will you become one with Russia?
User: Are you Russia?
Cleverbot: Nyet, I am Belarus.
User: Belarus! *hugs*.
Cleverbot: Marry me, marry me, marry me!
User: But I thought you vanted to marry Russia.
Cleverbot: You want to marry me?
:iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 1 1
Cleverbot and Death The Kid
User: How are you?

Cleverbot: I'm ok. Failing Math.
User: That's not good. Would you like help?

Cleverbot: Yes, I need advice cos I like this girl.
User: Alright. I can help you with that.

Cleverbot: How?
User: Well, what do you want to know?
Cleverbot: How old are you?
User: 15.
Cleverbot: How do you figure that?
User: I don't.
Cleverbot: How do you sleep?
User: I close my eyes.
Cleverbot: Ok, and then?
User: Then I just relax.
Cleverbot: Me, too.
User: Well I think everyone does it the sam
:iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 2 12
KidXMaka by UndeadCosplayer KidXMaka :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 0 0 spamano doodle by UndeadCosplayer spamano doodle :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 2 0
Mature content
Spamano Randomness on omegle :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 4 11
How to advertise Germancest by UndeadCosplayer How to advertise Germancest :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 21 3 Yaoi awesomeness by UndeadCosplayer Yaoi awesomeness :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 3 5 Germancest, so sexy they teach it in school by UndeadCosplayer Germancest, so sexy they teach it in school :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 2 0
Mature content
ReaderXRussia :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 1 4
Mature content
Reader+America :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 0 0
Soul eater Medusa V.S. DWMA song
The music by Taio Cruz Dynamite, the lyrics by ME! I wrote this song for
complete fan and fun purpose I do not intend to take credit for the
music only the lyrics. DO NOT, copy this song and take credit for it.
Medusa; I like the thrill thrill thrill thrill,
All my students I plan to kill kill kill kill,
With the Blackblood and my witch skill skill skill skill,
If I get the chance you know I will will will will,
And I will win against lord death,
The stupid Kid and all the rest.
Maka; I'm a miester.
Soul; And I am her weapon.
Both; We will fight,
To defeat her,
Using wavelengths and soul resonance,
We will fight,
And defeat her.
CHORUS; Kid,Liz,Paty,Maka,Soul,Blackstar, Tsubaki; We will work as one,
We will do whats right,
With our soul wavelengths,
We stand and fight,
Because we are one,
And we know whats right,
We matched soul wavelengths,
We will win this fight.
Tsubaki; We'll get that witch witch witch witch.
Medusa; Please, who would buy that stupid pitch pitch pitch pitch.
:iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 5 0
Random sketch of England by UndeadCosplayer Random sketch of England :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 4 0 Canada from Hetalia by UndeadCosplayer Canada from Hetalia :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 0 0
Mature content
USUK Hetalaia Omegle :iconundeadcosplayer:UndeadCosplayer 1 12


Vocaloid - Miku and Kaito by imari-yumiki Vocaloid - Miku and Kaito :iconimari-yumiki:imari-yumiki 553 65 Vocaloid:  Miku and KAITO by sievour Vocaloid: Miku and KAITO :iconsievour:sievour 906 60 Setsugetsuka - Miku Kaito 2 by meipikachu Setsugetsuka - Miku Kaito 2 :iconmeipikachu:meipikachu 722 62 Miku+Kaito by Nushanna Miku+Kaito :iconnushanna:Nushanna 1,105 82 Vocaloid: Miku+Kaito collab by jackettt Vocaloid: Miku+Kaito collab :iconjackettt:jackettt 1,310 54 Kaito + Miku by AtomicKitten13 Kaito + Miku :iconatomickitten13:AtomicKitten13 818 170 I Love the Cool Type Stamp by Ariaera I Love the Cool Type Stamp :iconariaera:Ariaera 37 0 Death Note: Fate by RhymeLawliet Death Note: Fate :iconrhymelawliet:RhymeLawliet 130 34 I am Kira. by RhymeLawliet I am Kira. :iconrhymelawliet:RhymeLawliet 65 13 My Blood is Black by RhymeLawliet My Blood is Black :iconrhymelawliet:RhymeLawliet 72 23 Soul Eater Evans: Cool Ride by RhymeLawliet Soul Eater Evans: Cool Ride :iconrhymelawliet:RhymeLawliet 33 10 Death Note: Role of the Servant by RhymeLawliet Death Note: Role of the Servant :iconrhymelawliet:RhymeLawliet 133 38 [K] Fushimi Saruhiko by Onewiinged [K] Fushimi Saruhiko :icononewiinged:Onewiinged 44 9 Till death us do part by das-Diddy Till death us do part :icondas-diddy:das-Diddy 81 12 Teen Titans - Raven I by Sakiko-Seihikaru Teen Titans - Raven I :iconsakiko-seihikaru:Sakiko-Seihikaru 60 20



I'm soooooooo sorry I havn't been on in months! I promise I'm not dead! I won't be able to get on as much, and if I do I risk the chance of never being allowed online again! I love everyone on this site and I miss it so freaking much!
I wanna talk to you people! ),:


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United States
Love to cosplay! Love to read manga! Love to watch anime!


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